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Los Angeles Corporate Lawyer

Launching a new business in Los Angeles can be overwhelming. There is so much to do, much of which you may not be aware needs to be done. A California corporate Lawyer is vital to ensuring you complete the necessary tasks and offer specific advice based on your business needs. A well respected Los Angeles corporate attorney at Nakase Wade law firm has created a roadmap to assist entrepensuer choose a corporate  lawyer for their business.

Your corporate attorney can counsel you on topics such as:

If you chose the right corproate attorney, they will be a valuable business asset.

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How to Choose the Right Attorney For Your Business

Not all lawyers will be great for your business. Different attorneys have different expertise and will work in different ways. Take the time to find an attorney that works for your business needs.

We recommend the following steps when selecting a business lawyer:

Determine Your Company’s Needs

Think of what kind of legal counsel your company needs. Consider your company type, the size of your company, and what you might need as you grow. You want an attorney that you can work with during the first three years of your company or longer. To do this, you need to find a law firm with a diverse set of skills.

Not all lawyers will be great for your business. Different attorneys have different expertise and will work in different ways. Take the time to find an attorney that works for your business needs.

It is also a good idea to consider attorneys that have worked with businesses similar to yours or in your industry before. This will give you the advantage of legal counsel that is familiar with industry regulations and the needs of a business your size.

Do Your Research

There are so many business lawyers out there, so research can be a massive step within itself. Looking at reviews is your best bet. Look for reviews from business owners in your industry or with new businesses like yours. See if any mention communication styles or specific issues the lawyer assisted with.

Another great way to find potential attorneys for your business is to ask business owners who they use. That way, you can ask questions about their experience and how the lawyer works. Hearing specific success stories and being able to ask questions related to your needs is invaluable.

Book a Consultation

Sit down with each of the attorneys on your shortlist and talk to them about their experience. Go prepared with a list of questions about their knowledge and how they might approach issues that occur with your business. Ask follow up questions based on their answers.

Also, ask them how they communicate with their clients and if they give their clients regular updates on the progress of things. You need to ensure the answers to all of the questions make you feel confident in their ability to represent and advise you in your business pursuits.

How Can A Corporate Attorney Help My Business?

An attorney will help your business in numerous ways. Over time they will learn the needs of your business and will make recommendations based on what they see of your business. This is why it is vital to build a long-term relationship with your small business lawyer; once they have a good insight into your business, their advice is priceless.

Business Launch

An attorney will be able to help you even before you start selling your product or service. They can ensure your company is built upon a strong foundation that is compliant with regulations and laws. Getting the help of a lawyer on the ground floor will reduce the number of legal issues you face when building your new company.

They will also be able to help you with choosing the correct business entity for your company and be able to advise on the legal and tax implications of each type.

Creating and Enforcing Contracts

The best way to protect your company is through strong, legally enforceable contracts. These are essential between you and your suppliers, vendors, clients, and even staff. An attorney who can draft and review your contracts is an essential business asset.

Your business will need the following contracts:

  • Partnership agreements – When the business is jointly owned, you need to ensure both parties are bound by a partnership agreement. This contract will lay out the responsibilities of each party, what resources they bring to the table, and how profits are split. Having this in writing from the very start can avoid ugly disagreements down the road and protect the interests of everyone involved.
  • Client contracts – A contract with your clients lays out what services or products you will provide and how the client will compensate you. It will also lay out any terms of the product and service and any penalties for missed or late payments. A business attorney will create a template for you to use with clients and review any unique cases.
  • Contractor or consultant contracts – Hiring a contractor or consultant is a big step in your business growth. However, you need to ensure expectations are clearly laid out in a contract. The contract will cover the payment schedule as well as the work required of the consultant or contractor. Ask your attorney to include privacy statements in the contract to protect your business and your client information.


One of the most complex parts of business operations is taxation. A business attorney with tax expertise can help you to identify tax savings through deductions and credits. They can also advise on bookkeeping practices to ensure you have all the information prepared for tax filing. Depending on the attorney, they may also remind you about deadlines and due dates to keep you compliant.

Protecting Business Property

A business attorney is an essential part of protecting your business’s assets. They can assist with protecting your intellectual property through trademarks, patents, and other legal actions. They can also help keep proprietary information secret through confidentiality clauses and non-disclosure agreements with staff and other vendors. They will advise when you should exercise your right to seek damages when proprietary information is released without your consent.

An attorney will also protect your business assets from lawsuits. They can ensure policies and procedures are drafted to protect your business from discrimination lawsuits or personal liability lawsuits when unforeseen accidents or injuries occur.

Employment Agreements

When your business grows enough to hire employees, a business attorney will be vital in drafting employment agreements and hiring and employment practices and policies. These documents will play an important role in ensuring you are compliant with employment laws and do not face lawsuits from your employees.

An employment agreement lays out what you expect from new employees, how they are to conduct themselves, and the terms of ending the employment relationship. The agreement should also contain a confidentiality agreement and outline the compensation and benefits they will receive while employed.

Alongside the employment agreement should be an employee manual. This will outline your company policies and answer frequently answered questions. Your employer can create a manual that is clear and informative. This can be an important piece of evidence in any employment disputes. When you have a good relationship with a business lawyer, you can update or add new policies efficiently.

Your attorney can also help with the termination process and ensure structures are put in place to ensure all terminations happen in a uniform manner. Your termination documents should include a reminder about non-compete clauses that are in the employee contract. This will prevent them from poaching your customers or working for a competitor for a certain length of time.

Consulting with your attorney before you make termination decisions is also a wise step. They will review the employee file and records of any issues that may have occurred. This is vital to ensure procedure has been followed to the letter and the employee would not have grounds for an unfair dismissal or discrimination case.

Bankruptcy Guidance

Unfortunately, things often happen that are outside business owners’ control. A sudden economic downturn may cause issues that you business cannot recover from. When your business faces issues, your attorney will provide vital guidance. If you need to file for bankruptcy, your lawyer will help you through the process to help give your business the best possible chance to recover.

Your business attorney is your best asset for navigating issues that may cause financial troubles. Filing for bankruptcy sounds like a serious step, but sometimes it allows the breathing space and reorganization a business needs to come back from the brink. It may also allow you to drop some of your debt.


Not all conflicts can be settled outside of the courtroom, when the day comes that your company needs to appear in court, you will need an attorney who knows your business inside and out. They can provide solutions in the context of your business and talk you through what things may mean for your company. Having a trusted attorney by your side will help take some of the anxiety out of a very stressful situation. It will also help to know that the person going to battle for your business is well aware of the problems your business faces.

When you have a strong relationship with an attorney, you can keep them updated on any potential issues brewing and lean on them to help resolve them with little damage. An attorney can advise on the best things to do to strengthen your case if an issue goes to court.

Day-To-Day Advice

The relationship with your business attorney will help you to see advice on day-to-day operations. It makes it easy to run things past them or double-check things before you take action.

If you are a new business owner, this sort of support is priceless. It can give you the confidence to make decisions knowing that it will not put you in hot water in the future. Not only that, but sometimes it is nice to have someone to bounce ideas off that knows what it takes for businesses to succeed.


A trusted business lawyer can make a world of difference in your small business and is really the key ingredient to your business success. They have access to key resources and knowledge that can help you to build a profitable, long-lasting business.