Wily veteran, Johnson, embracing role as oldest Team USA member – RyderCup.com

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On September 22, 2021, 5:30pm EDT

At 37, Dustin Johnson is competing in his fifth Ryder Cup, but still considers himself one of the young guys on the U.S. team. The roster says something different; this U.S. team is young – at 29 years and change, the youngest team since 1927 – and he is its oldest member by five years.

“It’s a little strange for me just that I’ve never been the oldest,” Johnson said. “I always felt like I was one of the younger guys on the team. Still feel that way, but obviously I’m, I guess, the veteran on the team really.

“It’s a role that I enjoy, but obviously with the guys on the team, all of them are very good players, so don’t really have to do much.”

Johnson was asked if he could explain the current Ryder Cup struggles of the American side, which has dropped four of the last five meetings against Europe.

“They just play better,” Johnson said. “It’s really simple. Whoever plays better is going to win. I mean, it’s not rocket science.”