World’s Biggest Bounce Park Set Up in Woodland Hills – NBC Southern California

The world’s biggest bunce park, weighing about 36,000 pounds and covering 25,000 square feet has been set up in Woodland Hills. 

In just 10 minutes, the bounce park goes from flat to 40 feet tall.

Sitting in a corner of the parking lot at the Westfield Promenade shopping mall in Woodland Hills, this bounce park is a pile of plastic one minute and an entire mini-park minutes later. 

It has definitely caught the attention of people of all ages.


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“I’m definitely a big kid. I love these things,” Stephanie Gomez said. 

This is clearly no ordinary bouncy house, like the ones you see at the park. It’s easily 20 times as large. 

The inflatable “park” is completely self-contained, within four walls – with workers inside to keep an eye on everyone.

Masks required in certain areas but, in keeping with health department requirements, not in the outdoor portions.

The open air design lets kids run, jump and play on numerous attractions with minimal contact.

Shift manager Gaby Binns says the World’s Biggest Bounce Park is on an extended run now as parents look for new and fun things to do with the kids, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, every week.

Binns says they expect to be there until January.